Directorate General of Systems and Data Management

DG Systems & DM

Directorate General of Systems & Data Management, under CBIC, functions with the key objective to provide leadership in restructuring business processes of the department through infusion of technology, reduction of human interface with the trade & assessees and other stakeholders. It also aims at improving efficiency and transparency by implementing automation processes, besides providing data support to the Board and field formations by compiling and disseminating data pertaining to tax collection and activities related to tax collection, such as adjudication, appeals, court cases etc. The Directorate has two wings - Systems Wing and Data Management Wing.

(a) Systems Wing:

Systems Wing looks after all aspects of the implementation of customs, central excise and service tax computerization projects including acquisition of hardware development and maintenance of software, training personnel and monitoring of expenditure budget on computerization at the central and field levels.

(b) Data Management Wing:

(i) collects and consolidates data and Statistics pertaining to realization of revenue from indirect taxes and advise the Ministry and the Board in forecasting budget estimates and

(ii) collects statistics for compilation of statistical bulletins and statistical yearbook in respect of revenue, arrears, seizures, court cases etc. pertaining to indirect taxes.

Performance of DG Systems

Directorate General (Systems & Data Management) has taken many major initiatives over the years for strengthening indirect tax administration. These initiatives include the following:

(a) Customs Process Automation

(b) BPR of Customs Procedure


• BPR of Import Process

• Development of a Risk Management System

• Development of Post Clearance Audit

• Client Assistant Programme

(c) Exchange of Electronic Message


(e) Customs E-Commerce Gateway

(f) CBIC Automation Project

(g) Tele Enquiry System

(h) Electronic Mail

(i) Data Warehouse Project

(j) Central Excise Computerization

(k) Placing Data on a Central Server Accessible through the Internet

(l) Internet Based System of Registration

(m) E-filing of Returns

Some of the major Trade facilitation initiatives of the DG (Systems & Data Management) Include:

(i) Filing of Customs declarations online through internet by the importers, exporters at their authorized agents.

(ii) Accredited Clients Programmes (ACP): In line with the Internationality accepted norms of 'Special Procedures' for authorized persons who meet criteria specified by the Customs and have good compliance record, ACP provides assured facilitation to the accredited importers by allowing clearance of goods on the basis of their declaration without examination of goods.

(iii) Risk Management System (RMS): A risk analysis method for Customs assessment and examination for clearance of imported goods. This project received the Prime Minister's Award for best e-governance project in the year 2009.

(iv) Automation of Central Excise & Service Tax (ACES): The Project provides for complete electronic registration of Units/ assessees/Filing of Returns/assessment of Returns by officers, e-payment of duties, etc. at 104 locations across the country.

Based on cadre review proposals 2010.