Directorate General of Safeguards

DG Safeguards

Directorate General of Safeguards is a specialized organization created to suggest to the Board imposition of WTO compliant duties to prevent adverse impact on domestic industry due to liberalized participation in global trade by India. Thus, the Directorate is an important component in ensuring growth of domestic industry. The Directorate General of Safeguards performs the following duties on behalf of the CBIC:

(a) To investigate the existence of serious injury or threat of serious injury to the domestic industry as a consequence of increased import of an article into India;

(b) To identify the article liable for safeguard duty;

(c) To submit the findings, provisional or otherwise, to the Central Government regarding 'serious injury' OR 'threat of serious injury' to the domestic industry consequent upon increased import of an article from the specified country.

(d) To recommend the following:

(i) The amount of duty which, if levied, would be adequate to remove the 'injury' or 'threat of injury' to the domestic industry;

(ii) The duration of levy of safeguard duty and where the period so recommended is more than a year, to continuously monitor the levy.

(e) To review the need for continuance of safeguard duty.

Based on cadre review proposals 2010.