Director General of Taxpayer Services (DGTS)

Dir. Gen. of Taxpayer Services

The Office of Chief Commissioner Tax Arrears Recovery (CC-TAR) along with its Zonal Units were renamed as Directorate General of Tax Payer Services (DTPS) in August, 2015 and the functions and responsibilities of the CC-TAR were given to the Directorate General of Inspection (DGICCE) which was also renamed as Directorate of Performance Management. The Directorate of Publicity & Public Relations also got attached to the DTPS with the Commissioner DPPR to continue to be head of department and separate budgetary and Cadre Controlling Authority until further orders. The Chief Commissioner Tax Arrears Recovery was re-designated as Chief Commissioner Tax Payer Services and the Commissioner Tax Arrears Recovery was re-designated as Commissioner Tax Payer Services. The DTPS functions under overall supervision of Member (Goods and Services Tax) CBIC.

Terms of Reference :

The Directorate of Tax Payer Services have the following terms of reference :

1. Taxpayer Services, Stakeholder Consultation & Grievance Redressal :

(i) Laying down service standards and monitoring, evaluating & reviewing the same from time to time to assess their effectiveness and efficiency;

(ii) Monitoring and reviewing Citizen's Charter and 'Sevottam' Programme at regular intervals and suggest improvements, where required;

(iii) Conducting customer satisfaction surveys, independent third party audit and impact analysis so as to monitor the quality and efficiency of tax administration;

(iv) Assisting the CBEC in enhancing customer understanding and maximizing voluntary compliance;

(v) Monitoring the functioning of PTFCs, RACs and Open House Meetings so as to share good practices across Zones;

(vi) Monitoring of e-Helplines set up by Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax Zones;

(vii) Monitoring the implementation of directions and awards given by Ombudsman to make this initiative more effective;

(viii) Monitoring the "Tax Payer Service Centers" in the Commissionerates and Custom Houses and analyzing the activities through periodic activity reports sent by the Commissionerates and Custom Houses and take appropriate steps for improvement in quality and timely delivery of services; and

(ix) Acting as a "Single Window Help Desk" for interface between taxpayers and field formations through a dedicated web based service portal In consultation with DGS&DM.

2. Publicity & Public Relations:

(i) Providing taxpayer information, taxpayer education and taxpayer assistance, and designing and executing outreach programmes in coordination with NACEN, DG GST;

(ii) Ownership, Content Management & updating information on CBEC website through content owners;

(iii) Finalising an appropriate channel strategy to ensure that the service delivery is effective and is accessible to all;

(iv) Educating the tax payers as regards their rights and obligations in the matter of tax compliance;

(v) Compiling and issuing hand-outs, Guidance Notes, brochures, leaflets, FAQs etc. on various subjects, viz. baggage allowance, refund, drawback, rebate, Project imports, SSI exemptions, CENVAT scheme, appellate remedies including alternate channels like AAR and Settlement Commission for the benefit of taxpayers;

(vi) Organizing interactive sessions with trade and industry and based on the feedback received, suggest changes in tax laws and procedures to the CBEC;

(vii) Issuing internal communication aimed at attitudinal refinement of officials from that of regulators to facilitators and service providers;

(viii) Monitoring and executing the stakeholder consultation process for changes in policy and procedures; and

(ix) Creating, putting in place and executing an appropriate media policy, including social media.

Based on CBIC Office Order dated 27-08-2015.