Directorate General of Performance Management (Customs, Central Excise & GST)

DG Performance Management (C, CE & GST)

The Directorate General of Inspection (C & CE), the oldest of all the Directorates under CBIC, is renamed as Directorate General of Performance Management (Customs, Central Excise & Goods and Services Tax) and it performs the following core functions on behalf of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs CBIC :

  • Study the working of customs and central excise and departmental machinery throughout the country and to suggest measures for improvement of its efficiency and rectification of defects in it through inspection and by laying down procedures for their smooth functioning;
  • Carrying out inspections to determine whether the working of the field formations are as per customs and central excise and service tax procedures and to make recommendations with regard to the procedural flaws, if any noticed;
  • Suggest measures for Improvement in functioning of the field formations by adoption of the best business procedures;
  • Function as a Centralized Authority to refund Central Excise duties paid on goods exported to Nepal and Bhutan to their respective governments; and
  • Monitor Implementation of SEVOTTAM - the service delivery excellence model - by the field formations under now CBIC.

Performance of DGICCE

Performance of DGICCE is illustrated in the following tables:

(a) Nepal & Bhutan Refund: (in cores of Rupees)
  2005 2006 2007
Amount Claimed 61 90 92
Amount Refunded 51 63 73
DG Inspection
(b) Details of Inspections carried out:
  2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08
Number of Inspections 4 32 89 66
DG Inspection

(c) Special Assignments carried out by DGICCE:

Central Excise:

  • Study of Central Excise Utilization of CENVAT - Plastic Products
  • Proforma for Inspection of Cigarette factories
  • Valuation of Goods manufactured on Job Work
  • Classification of Sewing Machines
  • System Review on Refund; Rebates & ER-4


  • Implementation of Inspection Action Plan requiring annual inspection of each of the Commissionerates
  • System Review of Export Promotion Scheme - DEEC Scheme
  • Monitoring of Monthly Technical Reports and Adjudication of cases pending for more than a year

Official Language Policy:

  • Monitoring of implementation of Official Language Policy
  • Participate on behalf of CBIC in the Parliamentary Committees and Sub-committee meetings on implementation of Official Language Policy
  • Hindi Translation of 12 Manuals of Central Excise/Customs Preventive Manuals
  • Publication of half-yearly Hindi Magazine

Based on cadre review proposals 2010.