Directorate General of Human Resources Development (DG-HRD)

Directorate General (HRD)

Directorate General of Human Resources Development performs the following vital functions on behalf of the CBEC (now CBIC) through its two wings:

Human resources Management Wing:

HRM Wing of DGHRD plays a vital role in upgrading and mapping the skill-profiles of the officers and staff, at the same time identifying their core areas of capability, in order to enable the Department to use their services in an optimal manner. HRM Wing basically performs the following core functions.

a. Cadre Management
b. Performance Management
c. Capacity Building & Strategic Vision

Infrastructure and Welfare Wing:

(a) To monitor and coordinate with the Board, Ministry and field formations on matters regarding infrastructure;

(b) To help the field formations in framing the project proposals;

(c) To assist the field formations in implementation of approved projects by providing technical support in respect of integrated and architectural planning, standardization of house bulling designs,

(d) To devise procedures for accounting and documentation system;

(e) To coordinate with the field formations with regard to the problems of encroachment and abandoned properties;

(f) To prepare and compile Housing Manuals for future guidelines;

(g) To keep the field formations informed about various schemes and faculties available;

(h) To have regular coordination and interaction with the Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee for getting their guidance on building science with reference to different projects and to have liaison and coordination with Housing Boards, architects and builders to ensure quality construction In scheduled time-frame;

(i) To encourage environment friendly planning and execution of the projects of the department through horticultural and other environmental planning and

(j) To coordinate with the Ministry on welfare measures related to building/acquisition of library, guest-houses, resorts/holiday homes, playgrounds, Crèches, etc. and grant of Scholarships and ex-gratia to the families of deceased employees.

Performance of DG-HRD

The performance of DGHRD cannot be analyzed on quantifiable parameters. It has to be subjectively assessed on the basis of the projects successfully handled by this formation. Since its creation in the later part of the year 2008, DGHRD has been involved in a large number of policy related projects / issues, both on human resources development side as well as on infrastructure & Welfare sides. DGHRD played an important role in creation of an additional post of Member in CBEC (now CBIC). It also played important role in implementation of the recommendations of Sixth Central Pay Commission. DGHRD was the first formation to bring pay commission related issues to the notice of 6th CPC Anomaly Committee. Due to the early intervention of this Directorate on behalf of CBEC (now CBIC), the pay of various grades has been rightfully revised upwardly. On the initiative of DGHRD, the CBEC (now CBIC) recently approved and implemented an exhaustive transfer placement policy for Group 'B' Executive officers posted to Customs Formations.

Based on cadre review proposals 2010.