The Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1964


(1) No Government servant shall use his position or influence directly or indirectly to secure employment for any member of his family in any company or firm.

(2) (i) No Group ‘A’ officer shall, except with the previous sanction of the Government, permit his son, daughter or other dependant, to accept employment in any company or firm with which he has official dealings or in any other company or firm having official dealings with the Government:

Provided that where the acceptance of the employment cannot await prior permission of the Government or is otherwise considered urgent, the matter shall be reported to the Government; and the employment may be accepted provisionally subject to the permission of the Government.

(ii) A Government servant shall, as soon as he becomes aware of the acceptance by a member of his family of an employment in any company or firm, intimate such acceptance to the prescribed authority and shall also intimate whether he has or has had any official dealings with that company or firm:

Provided that no such intimation shall be necessary in the case of a Group A officer if he has already obtained the sanction of, or sent a report to the Government under clause (i).

(3) No Government servant shall in the discharge of his official duties deal with any matter or give or sanction any contract to any company or firm or any other person if any member of his family is employed in that company or firm or under that person or if he or any member of his family is interested in such matter or contract in any other manner and the Government servant shall refer every such matter or contract to his official superior and the matter or contract shall thereafter be disposed of according to the instructions of the authority to whom the reference is made.

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