16. Orders against which appeal lies.-

Subject to the provisions of rule 15 and the explanations to rule 6, a member of the service may prefer an appeal to the Central Government against all or any of the following orders, namely:-

(i) an order of suspension made or deemed to have been made under rule 3;

(ii) an order passed by a State Government imposing any of the penalties specified in rule 6;

(iii) an order of a State Government which-

(a) denies or varies to his disadvantage his pay, allowance or other conditions of service as regulated by rules applicable to him; or

(b) interprets to his disadvantage the provisions of any such rule; or

(c) has the effect of superseding him in promotion to a selection post;

(iv) an order of the State Government-

(a) stopping him at the efficiency bar in the time scale of pay on the ground of his unfitness to cross the bar; or

(b) reverting him while officiating in a higher grade or post to a lower grade or post, otherwise than as a penalty; or

(c) deleted

(d) determining the subsistence and other allowances to be paid to him for the period of suspension or for the period during which he is deemed to be under suspension or for any portion thereof; or

(e) determining his pay and allowances-

(i) for the period of suspension, or

(ii) from the date of dismissal, removal or compulsory retirement from service, or from the date of reduction to a lower grade, post, time-scale of pay or stage in a time-scale of pay, to the date of reinstatement or restoration to be paid to him on his reinstatement or restoration; or

(f) determining whether or not the period from the date of suspension or from the date of dismissal, removal, compulsory retirement or reduction to a lower grade post, time scale of pay or stage in a time scale of pay, to the date of his reinstatement or restoration shall be treated as a period spent on duty for any purpose.

Explanation.- In this rule, the expression 'member of the Service' includes a person who has ceased to be a member of the Service.

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