The All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968


(1) No member of the Service shall speculate in any stock, share or other investments but this provision will not apply to occasional investment made through Stock-brokers or other persons duly authorised on licence under the relevant law.

Explanation.- Frequent purchase or sale or both, shares, securities or other investments shall be deemed to be speculation within the meaning of this sub-rule.

(2) No member of the service shall make or permit any member of his family or any person acting on his behalf to make, any investment which is likely to embarrass or influence him in the discharge of his official duties. For this purpose, any purchase of shares from out of the quotas reserved for Directors or their friends and associates shall be deemed to be an investment which is likely to embarrass the Government Servant.

(3) If any question arises whether any transaction is of the nature referred to in sub-rule (1) or sub-rule (2), it shall be referred to the Government for its decision.

(4) (i) No member of the Service shall save in the ordinary course of business with a bank or a public limited company, himself or through any member of his family or any person acting on his behalf.

(a) lend or borrow or deposit money as a principle or agent, to, or from, or with, any person or firm or private limited company within the local limits of his authority or with whom he is likely to have official dealings or otherwise place himself under pecuniary obligation to such person or firm; or

(b) lend money to any person at interest or in manner whereby return in money or kind is charged or paid;

Provided that a member of the Service may give to, or accept from a relative or a personal friend a purely temporary loan of small amount free of interest or operate a credit account with a bonafide tradesman or make an advance of pay to his private employee:

Provided further that nothing in this sub-rule shall apply in respect of any transaction, entered into by a member of the Service with the previous sanction of the Government.

(4) (ii) When a member of the Service is appointed or transferred to a post of such nature as would involve him in the breach of any of the provisions of sub-rule (2) or sub-rule (4), he shall, forthwith report the circumstances to the Government and shall thereafter act in accordance with such order as may be made by the Government.

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