[ANNEXURE to DP & AR Letter No. 11017/66/81-AIS (III), dated 23rd January, 1982]


[See rule 3 (b)]

Application for seeking prior permission of the Central Government to accept foreign hospitality.

[Section 9 read with sections 10(a) and 11(I) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976]

1. Name in full (in block letters).

2. Date of Birth.

3. Name of father.

4. Present address.

5. Permanent address.

6. Passport Particulars (if already in possession of).

7. Status.

Member of a Legislature.
Office bearer of a political party.
Employee of a Company/Corporations.
Any person or class of person specified in Section 9.

8. Names of countries/places to be visited with duration of stay.

9. The countries and places where foreign hospitality is to be accepted.

10. Duration and purpose of visit to the country(ies)/ places(s) mentioned in column 9.

11. Particulars of host(s):-

(a) If an individual, his personnel particulars including name, present address, permanent address, nationality, profession.

(b) If an Organisation/ Institution/ Association/ Trust/ Foundation Trade Union, etc. full particulars thereof including:-

i. Full Name and complete Address.
ii. Address of head Officer-Principal officer.
iii. Aims and objects.
iv. Particulars of important office bearers.

12. Full particulars as in serial II (a) & (b) of the foreign source in case the actual source extending the hospitality is located in the country other than actually proposed to be visited.

13. Nature and duration of hospitality proposed to be accepted (give specific details).

14. Nature of connection/dealings with the host and/or foreign source extending the hospitality.

15. Approximate expenditure to be incurred on hospitality.

16. Any other information of significance which the applicant may like to furnish.


I hereby declare that the above particulars furnished by me are true and correct.


Signature of the Applicant.