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1.  Afghanistan (Islamic State of)
ISD Code: 0093
9.  Argentine Republic
ISD Code: 0054
2.  Albania (Republic of)
ISD Code: 00355
10.  Armenia (Republic of)
ISD Code: 00374
3.  Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
ISD Code: 00213
11.  Aruba
ISD Code: 00297
4.  American Samoa
ISD Code: 00684
12.  Ascension
ISD Code: 00247
5.  Andorra (Principality of)
ISD Code: 00376
13.  Australia
ISD Code: 0061
6.  Angola (Republic of)
ISD Code: 00244
14.  Australian External Territories
ISD Code: 00672
7.  Anguilla
ISD Code: 001
15.  Austria
ISD Code: 0043
8.  Antigua and Barbuda
ISD Code: 001
16.  Azerbaijani Republic
ISD Code: 00994

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