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Query raised on Monday, 3 January 2022 10:04:31 PM and answered on Tuesday, 4 January 2022 10:04:31 AM


Thank you for detailed reply to the query dated 01.01.2022 that helped me in understanding about the goods that are to be subjected to confiscation under section 111.

Further, please refer to query & read more »


Query raised on Friday, 31 December 2021 4:44:22 PM and answered on Saturday, 1 January 2022 1:44:22 PM


As per the CBIC circular no: 29/2000 dated 11.04.2000, it was clarified that goods imported in commercial quantity by the passenger are liable for confiscation. However, portion of the baggage which is not in commercial quantity would be read more »


Query raised on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 5:21:41 PM and answered on Tuesday, 30 November 2021 7:21:41 PM


is there any caselaws or high court or supreme court verdict in which it has been held that patient monitors can be classified under CTH Heading 9018 because generally monitors are classified under CTH heading 8528?
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