F.R. & S.R. – PART III - Leave Rules


Chapter I Preliminary
1. Short title and commencement:
2. Extent of application:
3. Definitions:
4. Government servants on temporary transfer or on foreign service:
5. Transfer from services or posts governed by other leave rules:
6. Transfer to industrial establishment:
Chapter II General Conditions
7. Right to leave:
8. Regulation of claim to leave:
9. Effect of dismissal, removal or resignation on leave at credit:
10. Commutation of one kind of leave into another:
11. Combination of different kinds of leave:
12. Maximum amount of continuous leave:
13. Acceptance of service or employment while on leave:
Chapter III Grant of and Return from Leave
14. Application for leave:
15. Leave account:
16. Verification of title to leave:
17. Leave not to be granted in certain circumstances:
18. Deleted.
19. Grant of leave on medical certificate to Gazetted and non-Gazetted Government servants:
20. Leave to a Government servant who is unlikely to be fit to return to duty:
21. Commencement and termination of leave:
22. Combination of holidays with leave:
23. Recall to duty before expiry of leave:
24. Return from leave:
25. Absence after expiry of leave:
Chapter IV Kinds of Leave due and Admissible
26. Earned leave for Government servants serving in Departments other than Vacation Departments:
27. Calculation of Earned Leave:
28. Earned leave for persons serving in Vacation Departments:
29. Half pay leave:
30. Commuted leave:
31. Leave not due:
32. Extraordinary leave:
33. Leave to probationer, a person on probation and an apprentice:
34. Persons re-employed after retirement:
35. Deleted.
36. Deleted.
37. Deleted.
38. Leave preparatory to retirement:
38-A. Encashment of Earned Leave along with Leave Travel Concession while in service:
39. Leave/Cash payment in lieu of leave beyond the date of retirement, compulsory retirement or quitting of service:
39-A. Cash equivalent of leave salary in case of death in service:
39-B. Cash equivalent of leave salary in case of invalidation from service:
39-C. Payment of cash equivalent of leave salary in case of death, etc., of Government servant:
39-D. Cash equivalent of leave salary in case of permanent absorption in Public Sector Undertaking/Autonomous Body wholly or substantially owned or controlled by the Central/State Government:
40. Leave Salary:
41. Drawal of leave salary:
42. Advance of Leave salary:
Chapter V Special Kinds of Leave other than Study Leave
43. Maternity Leave:
43-A. Paternity leave:
43-B. Leave to a female Government servant on adoption of a child:
44. Special disability leave for injury intentionally inflicted:
45. Special disability leave for accidental injury:
46. Hospital leave:
47. Seamen’s sick leave:
48. Deleted.
49. Departmental Leave:
Chapter VI Study Leave
50. Conditions for grant of study leave:
51. Maximum amount of study leave:
52. Applications for study leave:
53. Sanction of study leave:
54. Accounting of study leave and combination with leave of other kinds:
55. Regular of study leave extending beyond course of study:
56. Leave Salary during study leave:
57. Conditions for grant of study allowance:
58. Rates of Study Allowance:
59. Procedure for payment of study allowance:
60. Admissibility of allowances in addition to Study Allowance:
61. Travelling Allowance during study leave:
62. Cost of fees for study:
63. Resignation or retirement after study leave or non-completion of the course of study:
Chapter VII Miscellaneous
64. Interpretation:
65. Power to relax:
66. Repeal and saving:

Note: The Central Civil Services (Leave) Rules, 1972 notified vide S.O. No. 940, dated 8th April, 1972 and were last amended vide notification number GSR 170 dated 1st December, 2009.