21. Circumstances in which appeals may be withheld.-

21(1) The State Government, from whose order an appeal is preferred, may withhold the appeal if-

21(1)(a) it is an appeal in a case in which under these rules there is no right of appeal, or

21(1)(b) it does not comply with the provisions of rule 18, or

21(1)(c) it is not preferred within the period specified in rule 17 and no reasonable cause is shown for the delay, or

21(1)(d) it is a repetition of a previous appeal which has already been decided and no new facts or circumstances are adduced which afford grounds for a reconsideration of the case.

21(2) In every case in which an appeal is withheld, the appellant shall be informed of the fact and the reasons therefor.

21(3) An appeal withheld on account only of failure to comply with the provisions of rule 18 may be resubmitted at any time within one month of the date on which the appellant has been informed of the withholding of the appeal, and, if resubmitted in a form which complies with the said provisions, shall not be withheld.

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