The All India Services (Conduct) Rules, 1968

*11. GIFTS:

[*Inserted vide Notification No. 11017/27/93-AIS(III) dated 13.01.1995 (GSR 52 dated 04.02.1995)]

(1) A member of the service may accept gifts from his near relatives or from his personal friends having no official dealings with them, on occasions such as wedding, anniversaries, funerals and religious functions when the making of gifts is in conformity with the prevailing religious and social practice, but he shall make a report to the Government if the value of such gift exceeds **Rs. 25,000/—.

[**Substituted vide DP&T Notification No.11017/31/1999-AIS(III), dated 10.04.2015 (GSR 280(E) dated 10.04.2015]

Explanation — For the purposes of this rule “gift” includes free transport, free boarding, free lodging or any other service or pecuniary advantage when provided by a person other than a near relative or personal friend having no official dealings with the member of the Service but does not include a casual meal, casual lift or other social hospitality.

(2) Save as otherwise provided in sub-rule (1), no member of the service shall accept any gift without the sanction of the Government if the value of gift exceeds ***Rs. 5,000/—.

[***Substituted vide DP&T Notification No.11017/31/1999-AIS(III), dated 10.04.2015 (GSR 280(E) dated 10.04.2015]

(3) Member of the Service shall avoid accepting lavish hospitality or frequent hospitality from persons having official dealings with them or from industrial or commercial firms or other organisations.

A. Giving or taking of dowry.- No member of the Service shall-

(i) give or take or abet the giving or taking of dowry; or

(ii) demand, directly or indirectly, from the parents or guardian of a bride or bridegroom, as the case may be, any dowry.

Explanation.- For the purpose of the rule, "dowry" has the same meaning as in the Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 (28 of 1961).

Government of India Decisions:

(1) Whether a member of the Service or a member of his family, should be permitted to retain a gift. [G.I. M.H.A. letter No. 7/15/56-AIS (II), dated 10th April, 1956]
(2) Presents made to members of the Service by visiting foreign 'dignitaries' as distinguished from 'foreigners' shall be disposed of in the following manner. [G.I. M.H.A/ letter No. 25/49/55-Ests., dated 31st March, 1956, read with Deptt. of Personnel and A.R. letter No. 5/28/73-AIS-(III), dated 10-1-1974 and No. 11017/55/76-AIS (III), dated 8-12-1976]
(3) Gifts received by members of the service from foreign firms. [D.P. & A.R. letter No. 5/28/73-AIS (III), dated 22-10-1975]
(4) Presentation of, on the occasion of retirement or transfer, expensive gifts for which the members of staff have contributed. [G.I. M.H.A. letter No. 8/51/62-AIS (III), dated 30th November 1962]