The All India Services (Discipline And Appeal) Rules, 1969

RULE 4. Subsistence allowance during suspension:

Government of India's Decisions

(1) The Government of India have decided that:

(i) the amount of subsistence allowance once granted should be varied by the suspending authority under the first proviso to this rule only after recording in writing the reasons for increasing or decreasing the amount;

(ii) a member shall not be entitled to compensatory allowance of which he was in receipt prior to suspension unless the suspending authority is satisfied that he continues to meet the expenditure for which they were granted.

[G.I., M.H.A. Letter No. 13/7/58-AIS (III), dated 18th October, 1958, read with No. 7/20/59-AIS (II), dated the 17th November, 1959]

(2) The Government of India have decided that the following deductions should be enforced from subsistence allowance:-

(i) Income tax and super tax (provided the member's annual income calculated with reference to subsistence allowance is taxable).

(ii) House rent and allied charges i.e. electricity, water furniture etc.

(iii) Repayment of loans and advances taken from Government at such rates as the competent authority deems it right to fix.

(2.2) The following deductions should not be made except with a member's written consent letter-

(a) Premia due on Postal Life Assurance Policies.

(b) Amounts due to Co-operative Stores and Co-operative Credit Societies.

(c) Refund of Advances taken from General Provident Fund.

(2.3) The following deductions should not be made from subsistence allowances:-

(i) Subscription to the All India Services Provident Fund.

(ii) Amounts due on Court attachments.

(iii) Recovery of loss to Government for which a member is responsible.

(2.4) There is no bar to the recovery of overpayments from subsistence allowance but the competent authority will exercise discretion in deciding whether recovery should be held wholly in abeyance during the period of suspension or it should be effected at full or reduced rate depending on the circumstances of each case.

[G.I., M.H.A. letter No. 7/18/59-AIS (II), dated 21st October, 1959]

(3) A question having arisen, it was decided that an officer (under suspension) is entitled to receive subsistence allowance at the rate equal to leave salary which he would have drawn while on leave on half average pay or half pay as the case may be, for the first twelve months. If after the expiry of that period, the competent authority does not find it necessary to increase or decrease the amount, the officer (under suspension) will continue to receive the same amount of subsistence allowance and it is not necessary to issue fresh orders in this regard.

[G.I., M.H.A. letter No. 7/8/62-AIS (III), dated 5th May, 1962]