Directorate General of Export Promotion (DG-EP)

DG Export Promotion

The Directorate General of Export Promotion performs the following duties on behalf of the CBEC (now CBIC):

(a) To interact with the Export Promotion Councils for various categories of export to sort out the difficulties being faced by the genuine exporters;

(b) To function in close liaison with al1ied agencies concerned with the exports to ensure that genuine exporters get the full advantages of the export schemes without any difficulties;

(c) To monitor the performance of the field formations through monthly and quarterly returns, like duty foregone Statements, drawback payment statements and quarterly drawback payment statements and to compare and compile the same to enable the Ministry to review the policy;

(d) To carry out the appraisal studies to examine the efficacy of the existing legal provisions/rules and procedures and suggest to the Ministry about the changes to be made, if any;

(e) To conduct post-audit of the Brand Rate fixed by the concerned commissioners and carry out physical verification of selected cases independently or with the help of the central excise formations;

(f) To conduct post audit of the select cases of duty free imports allowed under various Export Promotion Schemes in the Customs and Central Excise formations; and,

(g) To work in close coordination with the Board with the Customs-IV Section and FTT Section of the Board's office that deals with 100% EOUs/EPZ Units/SEZ Units and various Technology parks and the schemes relating to the export of gems and jewellery.

Directorate General of Export Promotion in the course of discharge of the assigned duties has to interact with trade, EOUs, STPIs, SEZs, Jewellery Export Promotion hubs etc. DGEP also handles the audit of these formations.

Based on cadre review proposals 2010.